Gulf of Thailand Wreck Expedition 2010

Princess of the Orient Deep Wreck Diving

Truk Lagoon Wreck Diving Trip 2010
October 04 - 14

Altitude Diving at Lake Eacham

Lake Eacham is one of many Volcanic Crater Lakes situated on the Atherton Tablelands and is ideally suited to tech diving and diver training. Altitude diving at 2500 feet or 760 metres above sea level in the cool freshwater is a challenge and a good place to learn new skills or practice ones you already have. Temperatures are around 29 degrees C near the surface to 17 deg C at the lower depths and is a good place to learn or practice drysuit diving.

Specially when you hit the thermoclyne at 13 meters where the temperature suddenly drops a sharp 7 deg in one meter. If you're just there for a fun dive there is an old rowing boat wreck many sawn trees and other interesting rock formations or just glide along and look at the many small fish, tortoises and freshwater yabbies. For the more serious technical divers venture down to the bottom to 65 meters where it is pitch black and the bottom is one and a half meters of decomposing organic sediment which will billow up and completely block out your torch if not careful.

Good facilities make setting up gear and getting into and out of the water easy. There is parking right beside picnic tables which we use for setting up the equipment and then it's a short walk down the steps and into the lake for a dive. There are ameneties blocks and tap of water.

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